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Save time with structured contract life cycle management and improve your service provider’s performance with MyContractManager: your innovative digital assistant for contract management.

Features of MyContractManager

Compliance management

Your benefits:


  • All relevant compliance data in one shared database, including requirements status, underlying performance data, owners and reviewers, dates and deadlines, and evidence
  • Save time with MyContractManager’s automated status update request e-mails: no more chasing requirement owners for data
  • Insight into the current status of all risks and mitigating measures


Compliance with the contract requirements is essential to maintain trust and confidence between clients and service providers. MyContractManager helps you ensure that service providers meet your requirements with an automated monitoring process.

My Contract Manager Requirements
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Contract communications

Your benefits:


  • Access to a traceable history of contract communications, available to both parties in a shared location
  • An overview of all agreements made in meetings and the current status of projects and decisions
  • Facilitate smoother transitions during holidays or job changes


A contract is rarely set in stone: requirements, goals and ambitions may naturally evolve over time. Most of these contract adjustments are negotiated and agreed over e-mail. MyContractManager creates a shared database for contract communications where confidential information can be stored securely.

My Contract Manager Email
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Strategic contract management

Your benefits:


  • Your service provider acts fully in line with the strategic goals of your organization
  • A clear overview on one page of the main goals, performance and improvement projects


Clients and their service providers can achieve more together in a strategic partnership. MyContractManager offers an easy-to-use tool to translate your contract into a strategic plan with shared goals, KPIs and project plans.

My Contract Manager OGSM
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Meetings & minutes

Your benefits:


  • Run more effective meetings with a clear agenda including actions and decision points
  • Easily create and distribute copies of meeting minutes with a request for comment or approval
  • Secure access to a confidential, audit-proof, traceable database of meeting minutes


Contract managers often deal with multiple stakeholders and must attend a range of recurring meetings. Keeping track of status reports, deliberations, decisions and agreements during those meetings is one of the job’s core tasks. MyContractManager helps you make your meetings more effective.

My Contract Manager Meetings
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Contract Calendar

Your benefits:


  • Keep track of all your contract timelines, including renewals, extensions, expirations, and tenders
  • All your contracts under control, visualized in an attractive timeline including milestones and critical path


Any contract will have key milestones and deadlines spread over the year. And contract managers sometimes manage multiple contracts simultaneously – in numbers that can run into the double digits. MyContractManager helps you keep sight of all relevant contract deadlines by adding them to your personal contract calendar and sending you automated reminders.

My Contract Manager Gantt
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Performance monitoring

Your benefits:


  • Unprecedented levels of transparency on your service provider’s contract performance relative to contract commitments, as well as contractually agreed fines and/or rewards
  • Save time by sending out automated performance status update requests
  • Visualize performance graphs and generate reports on relevant contract performance data with just a few clicks


Some requirements or committed obligations made in tender documents involve reaching certain performance levels within a certain timeframe, for example regarding availability or reliability of your service. MyContractManager facilitates effective performance monitoring through dashboards & automatic reminders.

My Contract Manager KPIs
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Bid documents

Your benefits:


  • Easily review the progress of committed obligations relative to the original bid document
  • Store all bid and tender documents in a secure document folder, easily add links to other documents or tools
  • Monitor the annual improvement plans of your service providers in a traceable history


From time to time, contract managers may want to return to the bid document submitted by a service provider or quickly review their tender requirements. MyContractManager lets you review these original documents and add a unique digital layer on top showing the current, real-time status of each commitment.

My Contract Manager Bid-Docs
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A secure cloud-based solution

All your contract data – stored safely in one place

One secure location to store all your information, with customisable access permissions for your clients, subcontractors and stakeholders. Monitor performance and compliance with requirements through automated status update reminders. Download reports with exactly the data you need – any time, any place – with just a few clicks. MyContractManager maximises transparency and saves time, allowing contract managers to focus on the future.

Why MyContractManager?

Achieve more goals

Contract managers spend too much time on monitoring and reporting. MyContractManager streamlines your workflow and gives you the time and clarity you need to reach strategic goals with your partners.

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Our Pilot Contractmanagement is an open-ended introduction to our innovative solution for contract management. The pilot is designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation, and it can be scaled up to any size. Through online or on-site train-the-trainer methods and workshops, we introduce MyContractManager and ensure that all the requisite know-how is quickly embedded in your organisation. The pilot comes with instruction sessions and strategic support.

Our vision on contract management

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