Professionalize your Contract Management – save time, money and precious sleep! 

What will you learn?

Our Contract Management Training will teach you all about professionalizing your contract management processes. In three sessions, you’ll learn about the theory, do practical exercises, and there will be time for debate and to learn from each other. An exam and certification are optional. Join us!



Contract lifecycle management

  • Preparing a tender and setting requirements
  • Key milestones within the contract lifecycle
  • Storing the contract documents and linking them to performance indicators



Centralizing all communications

  • How to upload and share documents with clients and stakeholders
  • How to run effective and time-efficient meetings with clients and stakeholders
  • How to upload meeting notes and decisions
  • How to monitor project and KPI progress status updates



hands on (practical)

Using a real contract within MyContractManager, by the end of the day you’ll be ready to execute your own contracts, and you’ll see how it will save you time and why does it allow you to sleep at night

  • Selecting the right Key Performance Indicators for your contract
  • Linking your contracts to your organization’s strategic plan 
  • Hands-on practice and tips & tricks with MyContractManager



CHoose of one of these modules

For the last session of the Contract Management Training, we will focused on your specific needs. Some modules we have done for clients in the past include:

  • Linking your contracts to your strategic plan (in-depth AgileOGSM™)
  • Running effective and time-efficient meetings with your clients and stakeholders
  • Q&A session: an in-depth discussion on contract management and strategy, with the opportunity to ask questions to our expert consultants
  • Contract management in the public interest: MCM for governments
  • Contract management in real estate
  • Contract management in public transport
  • Contract management in law firms
  • Contract management in construction
  • Contract management in hospitals
  • Contract management and IT

Book your training now or choose to keep working like you currently are


This training will be offered in four modules of 2 hours each


Checklists, theory per module, access to online contract management system


Get an online certification once you finish the course.


Participation in the training costs

995 per person


Taking part in the exam costs

395 per person